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My art works in painting and drawing are reflection of my interest in non-objective representation of colors that illustrate nature, the vibrant and complex life of cities, and countries as habitats with different cultures and colorful influences. 

My heritage, professional background in Culinary arts, and my travel experiences are mostly the main influences in my work. It's either in the colors selection or bold brushstroke and movements. They are representing the emotion, vivid memories and language, often as hidden messages which I have created through visual form than orally. 

I use combination of mediums such as oil and acrylic paints along with non-paint materials added to the surface of the canvas or board. The mixed of bold colors and materials are being selected carefully, they often remind me of the colorful traditional Sumatran woven silk Songket. The traditional fabric, which my late grandmother introduced to me at young age. I have seen the Songket being worn many times during the traditional weddings or celebrations, even in my grandma's closet being piled and organized neatly for the next event. The shimmering and bold colors of the Songket mesmerized me as a kid, they give vibrant and vigorous energy visually, hence the bold and vibrant colors in my paintings. 

Some of these bold colors and brushstrokes in my paintings are also derived through my past experience as a chef at one of Michelin restaurants in NYC. I have learned that certain colors in food ingredients and their flavors are often utilized within a recipe to create a dish. It is presented to trigger not only the appetite of the person who enjoyed the meal itself, but also stimulates certain sensation, or perhaps takes you back to certain memory from the past. In my case, the colors triggered my childhood memory of growing up with my grandmother and mother where I was being thought of cooking in their kitchen surrounded by colorful ingredients and spices that have been passed through from one generation to another. Furthermore, the colors are also represent my cultural and culinary experiences I had through my extensive travel overseas. Be it the colors of spices in traditional market or the local's traditional costumes. I have applied these colors multiple times with methods of layering and abstraction as my own recipe in creating my artworks. It is not only to give the immediate result through pushed and pulled action of the colors, combined with other types of mediums. It is to evoke the vivid memories I had through the past,  and especially for the general viewers. These methods are applied into organic shapes as well as certain rigid structures.  The illusion of certain rigid structures emerges and subsides through the depths of vibrant organic shapes, as they flow as memory through times.  


Many of my paintings are quite large in size, this functions as a juxtaposition of the height  of the viewers. The goal is to let the viewers to merge with the paintings and became part of it. It also juxtaposes my smaller paintings to create an intimate moment between the painting itself and the viewers. The spontaneity of the gestures in my paintings through colors represents myself the most. It is the sense of being open to each possibility while I keep discovering myself  through each painting I have created . The progression of color and style are rendering the state of mind or mood at times. They also announce the freedom of having intimate moments with a variety of colors without the inhibition that fears and doubts  could have on the process.  


I have incorporated different types of media such as paper and pumice stones into my paintings to enhance the textures. As in my drawings, the combination of collage, oil pastels, charcoals and comte are utilized to create complexity of colors and textures. 





Born in Pranap, North Sumatera and has been primarily living and working in Guilford, CT and Provincetown, MA



2014 Intensive Art at National Academy and Museum School, New York

2010  Graduate of B.A degree in Studio Art at Hunter College, CUNY 

2005  Associate degree in Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales, Providence, RI



Solo exhibitions

2014  "EUPHORIA", Solo exhibition at National Academy Museum and School, New York,NY


Group exhibitions

2015 Open Call, Lorimoto Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

         "NYC Salon Showcase: A Weekend At The Old Gem", Arts@Renaissance, Brooklyn, NY

         "New Harmony" 143 East 34th Street Street, #9N, New York, NY

2014  "I am that I am that I am", 75th Street Studio, New York, NY 

           "Creative Mischief" Pop- Up exhibition, National Academy Museum and School, New York,NY

2013  "People's Choice All Mediums Salon Show" Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

          "Creative Mischief: Pop-up Art Exhibition, National Academy Museum and School, New York, NY

          "Asian Influences and Dreams" Sonia Gechtoff Gallery, New York, NY

2012  "Emigre", Gallery Ehva, Provincetown, MA   

          "Art Takes Times Square", New York, NY 

2011   "Group Exhibition "Larry Collins Fine art Gallery, Provincetown, MA         

           "Members 12x12 Exhibition and Silent Auction",  Provincetown  Art Association and Museum, MA

2010   “Art as you like it”, Hunter college CUNY, New York, NY



Art Residency

2009 Vermont Studio Center, VT


Biographical listings:

Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges 2005





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