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"Paris Spring"  

March 28 - April 27, 2023 

My Development as an Artist on both formal training (at Hunter College and National Academy, in New York City) and honing my technique in the studio. In addition , I have made many journeys to various destinations around the world for inspiration and to learn about local art history and the contemporary art scene.

This Spring, I will be spending a month in Paris to further expand my artistic vision and understanding by deeply into Parisian art History and the many  art institutions as well as the contemporary art scene. I will be following in the footsteps of countless artists before me who have made this pilgrimage to one of the great art capitals of the world.

Upon my return to the United States, I will be creating a "Paris Spring" series of paintings, inspired by the impressions, sights, culture, art scene, and art history experienced on this intensive artistic immersion in the wonderful city of Paris

"New Harmony", January 16- 23, 2015
   Reception: January 16, 2015. 6-10 pm
    143 East 34th Street, #9N, New York, NY, 10016 (between Lexington and 3rd Ave.)
    Train 6, green line, stop at 33rd street station
    Curated by : Windy Noviardy

“New Harmony” is a Pop-up Art Exhibition, which consists of multiple artists from Russia, Ukraine, Korea and Indonesia who display their work through different mediums (oil, acrylic, wood, resin and ceramic pieces on canvas and metal surfaces) to represent their creative expression and voice. The arrangement of their works can be viewed in a non-commercial intimate and cozy setting with magnificent view of the Chrysler building, one of the architectural masterpieces of New York city. 


The decision to have this event results from the desire to create a more personal and comfortable venue that appeals to broader audiences. “New Harmony” symbolizes the beginning of a new journey created to enhance the art viewing experience in celebration of the new year of 2015.  


The artists’ works have been exhibited at National and International galleries (USA, Russia, Spain, Dominican Republic) as well as personal collections. Their works can also be viewed through the links below.


Sofia Echa:

Julia Dubovik:

Angela Young Kim:

Ekaterina Aksenova

Windy Noviardy:





"I am that I am that I am", December 11- 22, 2014

Reception: December 11, 2014. 6-10 pm

40 East 75th Street, New York, NY 10021, (between Park Ave. and Madison)

Train 6, green line, stop at 77th street station


Curated by : Windy Noviardy



The exhibition of works by three artists from Brazil, Cuba and Indonesia expressing their singularities, visions and essences.

Pedro Baz, originally from Brazil, has an innate obsession with games and reinventing rules. This leads him to recreate a series of extraordinary jigsaw puzzles as minimalist and seductive forms which transcend literal boundaries.

Renelio Marin, born in Cuba, has translated his symbolism of psychological motion of lights and abstract landscape through transparent and mirrored like images on paper.

Windy Noviardy with Indonesian background and Western influence has transformed mixed organic materials into monochromatic palettes on canvas against non- objective energetic colors which represents of joy and memories.






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